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We are delighted to announce the commencement of our ICO & IEO for My Identity Coin, This is part of “The Money Project” by OkGlobal Coin SWITCH, which is the world’s first ‘tagging/wrapping’ technology that aims to eliminate risks from loss or theft.


MYID*ERC20 Contract Address: 0xbee571a0a8599ada125e1a33e56287c3c594a5e2


There are more people each day stepping into the Blockchain industry. While cryptocurrency is still in the early phases, this spikes the number of questions asked about how Cryptocurrency can be used as an investment and how it would be an advantage for you to understand more about cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is taking its step to being accepted worldwide. Revolutionizing the world of currency.

Let’s go travel back to the history book. In just 2019 alone, Crypto users have lost 20% of ALL their existing tokens due to their negligence. Unlike FIAT, it’s unlikely the coins could be recovered.


My Identity Coin

MYID Coin is a project to create the world's first ''tagging/wrapping'' technology to eliminate risks from loss or theft.

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